Years ago I took a few of the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes, since then I have made most of the cakes for my kids birthdays. Some have been better than others, but here they are! I attempted to put everything in chronological order, but, not all are.
My 1st cake, the one that I did in class using all the flowers I learned how to make.
Owens 5th birthday cake, after this he has chosen to have cannoli's every year, just like me.

Alberts 1st Birthday Cake 2009
His smash cake 2009
Albe's 3rd birthday cake 2011

You use bread loaf pans, then slice them into the cars. 2011

Norah's 1st Birthday, best shot I can find. 2011

Norah's 2nd birthday cake, she loved garbage trucks.

Random Cake

Albert's 4th Birthday

Mary and Brians wedding cake

It isn't perfect, but it tasted great.

Clinton's 2nd birthday cake.

Alberts cupcakes for school.

Alberts 5th birthday, my 1st time working with fondant.

Norah's 4th birthday cake

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