Friday, March 20, 2009

March Menu

When I say that I plan out the month ahead or at least two weeks, it means just that. Check out our March menu!  There are always staples on it such as taco's and spagetti, but you never know what i am going to add as i find new recipes.  Sometimes meals go together.  Such as St. Patty's Day Irish Beef Hand pockets and Tofu and Cabbage go together in a week because they each take 1/2 can of tomato paste and half a cabbage.  Other meals work like that too so save ingredients and use them all.  In making the menu i save a lot of money on grocery shopping, I shop every Monday am and make my list Sunday pm after I see the adds for the week ahead.  That way i can go through the kitchen, check what i need for the weeks upcoming meals and put it on the list along with other staples that we need.  It helps control impulse buying and keeps my bill low.  I hit both Wegmans and Aldi's.  Wegmans for the marked down meat from the weekend and few items that are not at Aldi's and then Aldis for the main shopping trip.  If you see me out on other days, well something has gone ary and be very very worried!

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