Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planning is key

Anyone who has been following my menu updates may realize that i plan meals ahead for my family.  If I didn't there would be trouble, but seriously I have found that it is a easy way to save money and have great food at the same time.  

In our house we have a separate calender just for evening meals.  I try to plan at least two weeks ahead and anyone can look to the calender and know what will be for dinner.  I find that this helps me to then plan my weekly shopping list, keep to the list and make our tight budget go further.  When i shop i keep to the list and then save money.  I also have found that we eat a ton healthier cause it  keeps us from having quick, expensive premade foods that are chocked full of preservatives, salt and no good things.  

I have a variety of recipes, and i love to read cookbooks and try new things.  I'll try to cite what i can when i can.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love it Nell!! Way to go. Tell me how you plan two weeks ahead please!!! xxoo Cousin Jackie