Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last minute spaghetti sauce...

Yup!  I was out of sauce and in an adventures mood.  Often I'll make my own with canned tomatoes and herbs, but this time I spun it differently and I loved the results!

I browned 1lb of ground beef then added Goya Sofrito, which I had sitting in the cupboard.  With this I added 2 14.5oz cans of stewed tomatoes and one 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes. 1 Tbs of sugar and a huge handful of fresh basil that I cut from my herbs outside and then washed and chopped.  I let it all simmer together for the time it took to cook my whole wheat pasta and it was yummy!  It reminded me a lot of my moms sauce she used to can every year.

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  1. We use Sofrito in Ani's favorite chicken beans and rice dish. Cook chicken leg/thighs in it along with an onion - pull the meat off the bone then toss it back in - add a can of corn and a can of drained black beans. Cook a lg pkg of the safron seasoned yellow rice (should be near the Sofrito on the grocery shelves) -Fold it all together. Serve hot. Leftovers are great cold scooped up on corn chips