Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canning Season!

So far this year I have done 3 batches of Strawberry jam and 2 batches of black raspberry jam!  This weekend, its pickle time!!!

Still to do: tomato salsa, mint jelly, tomato juice and maybe apple jelly this year.

Raspberry jam is in the fall!  My parents have a great big ever-bearing raspberry patch, and we get so many berries that i turn many into jam!  yum!

Each year I attempt to do something new with my jars, I don't always repeat what was done last year, but sometimes I do.  This year I am going to try candied apples, those red things that are cinnamon in flavor.

Do you put up items???
Do you have any suggestions for items that I could try.


  1. I made corn cob jelly last year. As weird as it sounds, it was really good! Almost honey-like in taste.

  2. sounds intriguing! hmm. did you use it like any other sweet jelly, or more like a savory one on crackers?


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