Thursday, October 7, 2010

End of the Canning Season

I’m tired, I have a few recipes that I have tested out lately that I really want to share with you all, but now is just not the time.  You are just going to have to wait my friends. 

I finished my canning last weekend.  I did a few fruits again this year now that I have more people in my household to eat them.  I had put up peaches a few years ago, but alas I was the only peach eater in my house, and it was more than enough for me.  Now that Albert is eating a ton, and Norah will be starting food this winter I thought now was the time to do a few peaches and pears that would be easy for her to chomp on and a little taste of summer for me.  Canning peaches for me now is a bittersweet activity.  It is the only thing I can remember my Grandmother canning, although I know she in her day did everything under the sun.  We would always bring her fresh peaches from our area to can, and she made great canned peaches! Now only if the rest of her cooking was the same…..Grandma died on Mothers Day of 2009, and when I put my peaches up I could hear her in my head saying that you must leave a pit in each jar to improve the flavor…She is probably rolling over in her grave because I chose not to this year.

Here is a photo of my summers work. I do not have a pressure canner, so I have stayed away from anything that is missing the acidity to safely can it in a hot water bath.  I’d really like to get my hands on a good pressure canner so that I can try my hand at some other goodies, but they  run pretty high, and since the entire point of me canning is to be able to feed my family on a critically tight budget, oh well.  But I do have a nice deep freezer that had been stuffed with quart and gallon bags of veggies, and we all know they will taste much better frozen than they ever would canned. 

Starting from the top left:

Left hand group of shelves:
Tomato juice,  BBQ sauce, corn zucchini relish, zesty zucchini relish        
Pears, Peaches, Salsa
Cinnamon Apples, Sauerkraut, ketchup     
Orange Marmalade, Blueberry jam,  crabapple jelly, blackberry jam
Strawberry jam, pear butter, peach jam, mint jelly
Raspberry jam, raspberry jelly, black raspberry jam
Currant jelly, raspberry jalapeño sauce, blackberry jelly, jalapeño jelly

Right hand group of shelves:
Maple syrup
Zucchini relish, raspberry vinegar, chive vinegar
Apple pie filling, applesauce
Sweet pickles, watermelon rind pickles, dilly beans
Sour pickles, dill pickles
Dill pickles
More dill pickles

We eat a lot of jams and jelly as you can tell, however I have made extra this year to use as holiday presents.  And we have already gone through about 6 pints of salsa, I hope that the salsa I made lasts till next years batch. 

I have had a lot of interest in my canning, do you think I could make some money teaching people how to do it?  What would you be willing to pay for my time alone, not including supplies?


  1. Holy cow, I am seriously SOOO jealous of this photo. I had to show my DH!!!!

  2. Nell...this is amazing! I am so impressed with what you've done and why you're canning. You should write a book!

  3. Very impressed!!! I am sure you could make money teaching people how to can. Would it be at your house so you can use your supplies? Then they would just bring ingredients? $20 per hour maybe? The trick would be finding the people who want to learn. ~Sue Keller

  4. WOW Nell! This is AMAZING! I have to agree with Sue that the touble would be to find people who want to pay YOU to learn how to can things when they could easliy look it up online (that's how I learned anyway) although everything you have canned - I have NO idea how to make! lol Fabulous job Nell! Melissa1983

  5. Beautiful :-) I think people would love to take classes. I know I would! :-) You could maybe see about teaching through the webster community center? Offer classes a few times per year as the seasonal fruits and veggies come it. Webster advertises through that classes catalogue they send in the mail... I wonder if there's a community kitchen somewhere? ( Ithaca had one... I know that's not really all that helpful ;-) As far as what to charge: I'd say 20 or 30/class. depending on whether they need to bring supplies.

    Also, check out this website:


  6. I LOVE that photo!!!! I think writing a book might be the way to go. You have taken lots of lovely photos that would compliment a book nicely.

  7. What a variety! You're amazing!


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