Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Canning Season

It is November, and my canning season has once again come to an end. This is our second season in our new house, and I have no excuses to not accomplish anything. I realized to late that I was running low on pickles, so my pickle loving children will run out before next summer. In some ways it wasn’t my fault, due to the rains this year the cukes I would use came early and left quickly. I have realized that I need to grow my own again to accomplish what I want to in pickle world. My favorite room in this house is the fruit cellar, I have a real fruit cellar….I could sit in there and hide all day (sometimes I do hide). We participated in 2 different CSA's this year, each had its perks, but discussing those is best left for another post. Looking back now I see that there are so many other things that I could have done, but those will now just be added to the list for next year.

I will still be doing chicken broth as I have pieces, and most likely turkey broth as well. However, I haven’t cooked a whole hen in a while.

This years list, starting from the top left and working across like reading a book.

- Maple Syrup (from our family farm, I only get to enjoy this, not make it myself)
- pumpkin (pressure canned in chunks)
- apples
- sour cherries
- sweet cherries
- pears
- peaches
- cherry jam
- blueberry jam
- mint jelly
- current jelly
- multiple vinegars (raspberry, basil, chive)
- sweet jalapeño pepper jelly
- hot jalapeño pepper jelly
- apple butter
- red raspberry jam
- black raspberry jam ( I discovered a massive patch in my woods)
- strawberry jam
- zucchini relish
- pickled banana peppers
- pickled jalapeño peppers
- peach salsa
- tomato juice
- barbeque sauce
- ketchup
- dill pickles
- sweet pickles
- dilly beans
- salsa
- corn (pressure canner)
- applesauce
- apple pie filling

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