Thursday, May 27, 2010

Potato Salad

I never liked potato salad as a kid, something about cold potatoes gave me the willies.  However like other things I didn't like as a child, this is one that now has my fancy.  One technique that I learned from a friend was to mix the salad with your hands rather than a spoon, it helps incorporate the ingredients together better.

I have not included amounts with my ingredients, I prefer to eyeball it.

cut potatoes to bit size pieces before boiling or roasting, and leave the skin on, its good for you and adds texture to the salad.
diced celery
diced sweet onion (i like vidalia)
diced sweet pickles
chopped hard boiled eggs
yellow mustard
corse salt
fresh ground pepper
dash of white wine vinegar


  1. I still hate potato salad, but make it for the men I love. A technique I've learned over the years is to mix all the spices into the mayo first, seasoning the mayo, before adding the 'chunkage'. This seems to make for a more evenly seasoned salad.

    Glad you're back to posting, Nell!

  2. As one of the "men you love," I can wholeheartedly admit that potato salad is yummy. I'll have to try your recipe, Nell. Thanks.


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